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Here are some ideas how a virtual vaccation to Ireland can look like.

Get breakfast, get food, start the day

The perfect way to start of your virtual trip to Ireland is with a full Irish Breakfast, of course. For the most authentic recipes, check out Discovering Ireland, Love Irish Food or consult Taste Atlas. For a vegan way to prepare Irish Breafast, check out this website for vegans living in Ireland.

If you are planning for a longer stay, you might want to go grocery shopping. You can check out products made in the Republic of Ireland and modern everyday recipes on the website of Love Irish Food for inspiration - even if you don't have the same brands around your area, it will give you an idea on what kind of products to get. And you can even order your own packet full of original Irish treats from The Paddy Box.

Take a Road Trip

Now that you are filled up on food, you can start your journey on the Emerald Island. You should definetley spend some time in Dublin and check out the virtual travel activities the city has to offer. But make sure to also take trips to the countryside: Check out Blarney Castle or the Cliffs of Moher, go up north to visit the Giants Causeway or check out any other Irish landmarks like Kylemore Abbey or Hook Lighthouse from Virtual Visit Tours.

To get some authentic background entertainment while switching between these places, download the Irish Radioplayer App.

There is left side traffic in Ireland, which many of you might not be too familiar with. So take some time to get used to the left hand driving - or watch others try to get used to it. And if you are traveling by (virtual) bus, especially Bus Eireann, make sure to be careful enough around those luggage doors please!

Enjoy your Afternoon with Baking, Rain and Irish Coffee

For the afternoons you can put your baking skills to a (not too difficult) test, making the perfect Irish scones or the classic Irish sponge cake. Or you can try out some of the ice cream recipies from Murpheys Ice Cream or even make your own Irish bread.

To set the right mood for a nice afternoon in Ireland, you definitely need rain. Check out this noise machine for rain on the coast or watch this video which will make you feel like sitting by the lake in Wicklow.

You can always drink tea with your afternoon treat or try out Irish Coffee.

Go to the Pub

No visit to Ireland would be complete without going to the pub. If it is not an option to sit in one of the many Irish Pubs around the world, you can always pretent in your own home. Check here for the right backround noises, drinking songs and decorations and to find out where to get the drinks.

More Music, Art and Culture for the Evenings

If you want to introduce some more culture into your evening, you can always check the Irish Film Institute or find Irish movies to watch in one of the many lists there are.

The archives at Other Voices offer concerts shot at remote and interesting location by Irish and international artists, especially look out for their charity program Courage 2020. You can also check out the #soulsessions playlist by Body & Soul which is a showcase of what the festibal could have been in 2020.

If you are interested in getting to know a broad array of Irish sociocultural and mainstream venues and institutions or just curious about art in general, check out the online program of 2020's Culture Night.